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Poultry For Sale

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Poultry Available in spring February, March, and April 2015

Swedish Ducklings $

Welsh Harlequin Ducklings $

Rouen Ducklings $

Mixed Breed Chicks $

Speckled Sussex Chicks $

Ameraucanna Chicks $

Easter Egger Chicks $

Buff Cochin Barred Rock cross Chicks $

Olive Egger Chicks $

Swedish Flower Chicks $

Black Copper Marrans Chicks $

 Available in May June July as Chicks 2015

Ameraucana Blue Factor and Red Brown STD, Dark Brahma, Black Minorca, Buff and Black Cochin STD, Blue and Black Orpington STD, Easter Eggers, Black Copper Marrans, Olive Eggers, White Chantecler STD, Rhode Island Red STD, Speckled Sussex, Silver Sussex, French(American)Bresse cross with Swedish Flower and Sex linked Chicks

 Availalble year round

Barnyard Mix, Ameraucana Cross (also known as Easter Eggers) and Marrans Ameraucana Cross (also known as Olive Eggers) all birds at various stages from chick to couple months old.